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Our Wood

Here at Reclaimed, our Rainier Brew inventory has 3 distinct patina's  brown, grey, white "white washed". All Patinas are different based on personal opinion, cameras, lighting and taste.

Our wood has another distinct quality besides it's old growth quality. We have the natural staining from metal or cracking in the wood which creates a dark almost black stain on the wood itself.

Reclaimed, LLC

Antique Reclaimed Wood Products

Douglas Fir Antique Timbers
Lumber Inventory Sheet
Rainier Brewery Lot


Douglas Fir Antique Timbers from the original Rainier Brewery constructed in 1884 and demolished in 2008, Seattle WA. Timbers were salvaged as best as possible with minor to extensive marks from such demolition. Lumber cut from large timber to create siding, panels, ceiling tiles, flooring, etc.. Variations in thickness length and overall dimensions available.

Moisture Content/ Stability

The moisture content in Douglas Fir Antique Timbers may vary. The moisture contents has been at a stable level due to the Timbers being indoors. Reclaimed old growth Timbers with such characteristics have a high ring density and weigh in at closer to green wood weight.

Standard Dimensions

a) Cross-sections: 4x6 to 10x10 all the way up to 20x20 are available, length all vary up to 27’ available depending on length and quality needed. Our Antique Rainier Brewery is a limited stock, first come first serve.needed; Target Dimensions: Circle-sawn timbers are generally targeted at 1/2" nominal dimensions; band-sawn and planed timbers are targeted at 1/2" under full-sawn for dimensions up to 5"and 3/4" under full-sawn for dimensions over 5"; Tolerances: circle-sawn +/- 1/4"; band-sawn +/- 1/8"; planed timbers +/- 1/16".



Both Free Of Heart Center and Heart Center available.



Removed unless specified. In keeping the antiquity of the wood original we have left all metal nail and spikes which can be removed at buyers choice or if re-saw finish is desired.


Circle-Sawn, Band-Sawn, original patina’s, which include, various shades of brown, grey’s, white washed and paint, or Planed (S4S) are all available. Hand hewn finishes can be recreated in our wood shop if desired.


After all this time, folks just took for granted that Rainier would be there forever. Well, all things change, ending a 119-year brewing tradition.


Douglas Fir Antique Timbers can often be graded (generally WCLB) upon request. It is highly recommended that any timbers that are to be used in a structural application be graded. It is also recommended that standard size timbers be used whenever possible. Checking tends to be more pronounced in timbers wider and/or thicker than 12" than in standard size timbers.

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