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About The Team

The Team


This is Scotty... He's the baby of the trio... My youngest brother and a valuable Partner in the company

Operations Manager

This is Stuart... The middle brother and also our Operations Manager.

Heidi Lael

This is me...
Founder of Reclaimed and my daughter Princess Tivie.We are an honest group of folks that are so excited to bring this wonderful product to market.
I came across this rare opportunity when I fell in love with the unique history. I did so much so that I purchased enough for my own elegant pavilion behind my Nationally historic home! Why not help others obtain this limited amount of wood I thought, and so it was written.

Rainier Brewery


Rainier was a fixture in the community for generations. It is the red sentinel that has watched Seattle's evolution from a backwoods "gateway to the North Pacific" to one of the largest cities of the West. It is an institution with roots far older than Seattle itself, one that has existed solely to entertain, to cheer, to nourish - surely a noble mission in the Pacific Northwest.


Only the original recipe was left untouched. As a reward for their efforts, the Great American Beer Festival, "G.A.B. Festival (1999)" awarded Rainier the gold medal as the best American Pilsner in the nation. Ironically, a few months later the brewery was on the block. Well -wishers gathered to lift a glass and to share fond memories of days passed. Beer and tears flowed freely.


After all this time, folks just took for granted that Rainier would be there forever. Well, all things change, ending a 119-year brewing tradition.

Finally, it is last call at Rainier: the end of an era. One last toast and one last tip of the cap, and the old giant is laid to rest.

May it rest in peace

About Rainier
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