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Welcome to Reclaimed

We specialize in unique one of a kind antique timbers, beams and wood, currently featuring,

The Original Rainier Brewery c.1884.

All of our wood has been reclaimed or salvaged. All Rainier Brewery wood purchases will recieve a Plaque of Authenticity and have access to the Chain of Custody to prove such.

Other wood proucts available, please ask for details

The Rainier Brewery has been around for as long as anyone can remember.

It was as much a part of Seattle as the Space Needle or the Smith Tower. Day in and day out, the ever-present letter "R" has stood on top of the brewery building like a sentinel watching over the city. From its perch high above Interstate 5, it gazes down on the thousands of anonymous vehicles that stream past every day.

Condition of the beams


Doug fir checking Buyers Guide to Reclaimed Beams and Timbers Reclaimed beams and timbers come in many different shapes, sizes, and conditions. They have often been painstakingly removed from existing structures but sometimes care has not been used during removal. The desired aesthetic, required structural integrity, and application will all be factors that determine the condition of the beams you are seeking. It is important to understand the many different conditions reclaimed beams can come in so that, as a buyer, you can make the correct purchase.


Structural Integrity

Checking in reclaimed beams is extremely common and does not necessarily affect the structural integrity and can be part of the aesthetic. Checks are cracks that appear in the wood but do not go all the way through. It is important to get an idea of how heavy the checking is and if it is limited to just the ends (end-checking). The position of the heart will greatly influence the checking of a beam. Purchasing your beams longer than you need them allows you to cut off any end-checking that may occur as the beams go through climate change.



If the beams are structural, local building codes may mandate that the beams be professionally graded. For an additional charge, Reclaimed will have the beams graded prior to shipment. Grading services generally range between $200 – $800 dollars. Bolt holes, nail holes, checking, splitting, and warping are all part of buying reclaimed beams.  While making a buying decision keep in mind that what you choose to allow as the customer is up to you. For example, nail holes do not have any impact on the structural integrity of a beam but do affect the aesthetic.

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